<![CDATA[The 5N Blog - 5N Folk Talkes]]>Wed, 09 Mar 2016 02:38:16 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[The Wish Giver and Josh]]>Tue, 29 Oct 2013 07:57:47 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/the-wish-giver-and-joshLong time ago in a place there lived a greedy prince. Named Josh. He owned the whole Africa but lived in Dar-Es-Salaam. CRASSSH!!!!! Josh smashed the golden plate on the ground. ”I’m tired of everything I want more gold! I want to be the richest man. He wore more fancy clothes for his birthday, he had given an in the kingdom and on the card it said bring 1 kg of gold from each person otherwise your head will get slotted and it’s a must  to come.

 Everyone came and brought the gold. Someone brought this book, Josh read the book after the party, it talked about gold that was buried underneath the creaking palace and it said it could give you a lot of gold. Josh started laughing an evil laugh. The next morning Josh got the best diggers and even got the best spades. After an hour they kept on digging.

They had digged 21 meters. CLAANG!!!! One of the diggers hit something first they looked at it then took it out. CREAK! CREAK! CREAK! All the doors started to creak. The creaking palace was about to fall down because the chest came out.

They all started to run, 2 people had the chest POFFF! They came out just in time but 3 people died and 2 of there heads rolled out. But Josh just laughed and kicked their heads like footballs. Few minutes later at the palace he made his servants open the chest, when they opened it acid came out and melted them. But Josh didn’t care. There was a lamp inside the chest at first he did not know what to do, but then he rubbed it and a genie came out.

The genie wore old clothes then it said, “I’ll give 2 wishes but you will have to give me 200 ml of your blood.” Josh said, “ It’s a deal. He got the blood but he said the wishes first.

The genie gave the wishes but josh did not give the blood because it was not his it was a cow’s blood. And he was afraid the genie will find out, but the genie did find out with his magic. The genie got really angry and did black magic that turned him into a statue.

<![CDATA[The Mouse, the Mole and the Lion]]>Mon, 07 Oct 2013 07:16:59 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/the-mouse-the-mole-and-the-lionOne misty morning in the big jungle a scrawny little mouse was searching for something to eat in all the cracks he could find. Stealthy Lion was watching Mouse and at any time he could jump out of the bushes and snatch Mouse. Luckily Mouse was very smart and could trick Lion easily since Lion was very dum. 

‘‘ Roarrrr,!’’ Lion jumped out of the bushes in a flashing move, with his glossy yellow skin blinding Mouse. ‘‘My lunch is finally is here,’’ said Lion bearing his teeth. ‘‘Wait, wait,’’ Mouse cried. ‘‘What I am hungry and I want a meal now!,’’ said Lion. ‘‘ I will only surrender if you close your eyes for ten seconds,’’ said Mouse.  ‘‘ Fine but you are just making your death slower and more painful ,’’ said Lion. The second Lion closed his eyes mouse scurried away as fast as he could. 

Finally Lion opened his eyes, he didn’t see Mouse. ‘‘ Rooaarrrr how dare you trick me!’’ shouted Lion. Lion chased after Mouse with astounding speed. While Mouse was running away from Lion he saw one of his friends, Mole. “Mole, Mole please can I hide in your hole from Lion,’’ cried Mouse. ‘‘Ok,’’ said Mole in a calm voice. ‘‘ Thank you so much how can I ever repay you,’’ said Mouse. Quickly Mouse ran into Mole’s hole. ‘‘ Grrrr where in the world did Lion go,’’ said Lion. ‘‘Ummm that way,’’ pointed in the complete opposite direction. ‘‘Yeah whatever,’’ said Lion. ‘‘You can at least say thank you,’’ said Mole, and with that Lion dashed away in the complete opposite way. ‘‘Lions gone,” Mole called. 

“ Thanks,” said Mouse and with that Mouse left to his home, and this time more carefully. A while after  Lion realized he was tricked,again. He was furious at mole. After some time he found out he was stuck and stranded on a sandy desert. 

“Roaaaarrrrrr,”.Those were Lions last words Mouse heard from him.

<![CDATA[Why Croc Lives In The Water]]>Mon, 07 Oct 2013 07:15:41 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/why-croc-lives-in-the-waterWhen he comes out of the water he is as scared as a bush baby.That’s why croc live in the cold and now deadly water.

On a scorching hot day long ago in Mikumi National park, Tanzania,  it was time to elect who was going to be king of the jungle.This time Lion wanted to be king ,and he was the first animal who wanted to be against Croc who also wanted to be king . Lion is a  caring and loving animal,but on the other hand croc  is the one who always trick the animals in voting for him.The big bad disgusting Croc was surprised that lion wanted to be king. Croc says if you don’t vote for him he’ll eat you up.Thats why no one likes him at all.Croc did the same trick every year ,and he planed on doing the same thing again.   So croc and lion were so nice ,but Croc was acting to be Lion’s friend. People voted for Lion , because they didn’t want to fall for Crocs little annoying foolish games and they liked Lion more. Then the animals saw Croc cry and the they felt devastated of how they treated him.Then they voted for him.when croc went home he was talking to his brother ,and he told him that he only pretended to cry, but he didn’t realize that Bush Bug was there. Bush Bug told every one. Then all of Croc’s votes all went away with out him knowing,and more people voted for Lion.

The next day . All the votes were submitted and the winner was Lion! Every one was so thrilled and they cheered Lion’s name.Croc was so embarrassed his face turned bright red and he threw a tantrum and he cried like a little baby .From that day forward he always chose to hide in the water ,and when he goes hunting all the animals laugh at him and call him a names. When he comes out of the water he is as scared as a bush baby.That’s why croc live in the cold and now deadly water.

<![CDATA[Bat Scaring Monkey]]>Mon, 07 Oct 2013 07:14:09 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/bat-scaring-monkeyOne misty night Monkey was sleeping peacefully in his favorite baobab tree that stood in the middle of the forests of Mikumi. In the middle of the night Bat suddenly scared the Monkey by sneaking up and pulling his tail hard!

Monkey jumped and woke up with a shout! Bat flew away quickly before Monkey saw him. Monkey started crying loudly because he was scared he thought it was a snake coming to

Bite and poison Monkey. After half an hour Monkey calmed down and then Monkey finally slept

Early next morning as the sun was rising Monkey told Lion what had happened to him last night.  Lion told Monkey to not do anything bad to Bat and give Bat a last warning. When Monkey was walking to his baobab tree Bat suddenly scared Monkey.

Monkey and then he fainted and Lion saw him

Fainted Lion threw water on Monkey did not wake up till next morning. Monkey told Lion Bat scared me again. After breakfast Lion told Monkey a solution to not talk to Bat. And then Bat never scared Monkey again.

<![CDATA[Warthog's Wish]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2013 10:39:49 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/warthogs-wishPicture
Way back in the scorching savannah of Africa there was a bossy leader named lion. He had a long majestic mane and long fair whiskers. Lion was good at solving problems but could also start them. Warthog was a laid  back animal with not a care in the world, he  had mud brown skin and such a handsome face. He liked to prance around the savannah and down in the waterhole.

The problem was Warthogs wish was to become king of the savannah instead of lion. He wanted to be able to make up his own rules. One gloomy afternoon the big rains had come and everybody evacuated except owl,she was so much in a deep sleep she couldn’t hear the thundering of the sky or the swaying of the trees. When Warthog saw her, he ran as fast as he could across the muddy ground and got wet cold splashes on his face. When he got to the tree he couldn’t see a thing, so he decided to shout instead.

“Owl wake up from your sleep! The big rains are here!!!”,said Warthog.

Owl woke up with a startle.

“Oh my.” Owl said.

She started flying up with a few flaps of her wings. Warthog was running behind her.

In the morning when the rain stopped Owl thanked Warthog. She also wanted to grant him a wish. You see owl was so wise she was granted the gift too do that. Warthog already had an idea of what he wanted.

“I want to be king of the savannah.” Warthog said.

“Are you sure Warthog” Owl looked unsure.

“Of course!” Said Warthog confidently.

“As you wish then!”

When Warthog opened his eyes he was sitting on lions throne. Wow he thought. It really worked. But just as he was enjoying himself Bushbaby walked in.Oh yes I get to solve different animal problems.

“What is it Bushbaby?”

“Well....” Started Bushbaby.

“All the Animals keep scaring me and I don’t know what to do.”

Warthog knew he was one of the animals that scared him, it’s just to fun! 

“Hmmm... I’ll get back to you with that”

When Bushbaby left there was about 100 animals behind him. After a bit Warthogs skin broke out from the stress.

“I have to find Owl I can’t go on like this.”

So Warthog ran to Owls tree and pleaded for her to change him back.

“ First of all your face looks like the waterhole in the big drought. Second of all I will change you back but next time be careful with what you wish for.” Owl said.

When everything was back to normal Warthog really looked up to lion, he was such a great leader. His skin never became handsome again either.

The End

<![CDATA[The Monkey, the Zebra and the Croc]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2013 10:35:29 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/the-monkey-the-zebra-and-the-crocOnce upon a time there was a zebra named Lilly. She was the nicest zebra in the Forrest but the tease monkeys name was Mack. He was the one who teased everyone. The bad one was croc. He was the mean one because he made every one upset or said bad stuff of them.

The monkey and croc decided one day to set out and go find the elephant and make him upset. So croc planned that he will say to elephant that he is not as strong as monkey or him and monkey would say that elephant have a big bum. So they went.

So croc said “hello elephant how are you doing today? I have something nice to say to you. You will never be as strong as monkey.”

 Monkey said,  “You have a big bum bum.”

 Elephant was feeling so bad.

One day zebra past elephant and saw he was upset and then she went to ask, “What is wrong? Why are you up set?”

 “It was croc and monkey. Croc said that I would never be as strong as monkey and monkey said you have a big bum.”

So zebra went to monkey and croc and said “How would you feel if some one said something bad to you happy or upset?”

Monkey and croc apologized to elephant about all the stuff they said.

The message is: don't be mean to any one.

<![CDATA[Wake Up, Lion!]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2013 10:33:57 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/wake-up-lionOnce upon a time long ago somewhere in burning Africa there was a fox that makes robots and a smart mouse.  

One hot day they wanted to play with their best friend Lion. But lion was sleeping gently beside the big tree so fox and mouse tried to wake up the lion… First time they shouted at lion but lion was still sleeping happily.

So smart mouse yelled at fox ‘’get a bucket of freezing water!’’ Fox hurried to get a bucket of freezing water and splashed it on lion, but lion kept on sleeping!

Mouse sat and thought hard to make a plan of something that can make a loud voice.  Finally he said, “I know, let’s make a SUPER LOUD VOICE MAKER machine.” Quickly fox made a SUPER LOUD VOICE MAKER machine.

Soon, feeling excited, they carried the SUPER LOUD VOICE MAKER machine to lion. When they came to lion, they pressed the start button and it started to make a SUPER LOUD VOICE, shouting as loud as possible.  But… lion still didn’t wake up!

Then they were getting a little bit angry so mouse and fox pressed the full voice button…. Then the SUPER LOUD VOICE MAKER made a really SUPER LOUD VOICE and they covered their ears, but it was still SUPER VERY LOUD, so they tried to switch the power off.  They felt some thing was wrong, and the SUPER LOUD VOICE MAKER exploded! “Boom!”

 Suddenly because of that extremely loud noise, lion woke up!  Lion said ‘’Good Morning my friends!” Fox and mouse shouted super angrily, “IT IS NOT MORNING!!!!!!!!” and lion said “Oh!”  Then they played a lot but all of the sudden lion went to sleep again!!! Mouse and fox shouted  “Oh, not again!”

The end. 

<![CDATA[The Misty Forest]]>Fri, 04 Oct 2013 10:28:43 GMThttp://istgrade5n.weebly.com/5n-folk-talkes/the-misty-forestA long time ago in the misty dark forest was a Lion, Owl and a sparrow. Lion thought he was the strongest, Sparrow was the fastest and Owl was the smartest. One-day lion thought about devouring the two animals with his Jaws clenched into their throats. Both Sparrow and Owl were on a look out and they saw lion was hungry. They put a trap in the ground so when lion steps on it the trap comes down onto him.

When Lion came to hunt them he got trapped in the ropes and Sparrow and Owl said you wanted to devour us but we are to smart for you that we trapped you instead of you devouring us. Owl said if you tray to eat us we will leave you in our trap. The next day Lion roared loudly that all the animals hollered and screamed. Lion tried to act smarter then Owl and sparrow but where he was going to pounce on them there was a trap.

 So when he pounced he got trapped.

 They told him never to try eat them ever again our they would leave him in their trap and let him suffer and become hungry so he would die. Lion started to sob when they told him what they would do so they let him go and he didn’t come till one day. When they grew older lion went searching for Owl and Sparrow but he tried to act smarter but his plan did not work on them. You came to eat our meat in us said Owl. Lion didn’t say anything and started to sob like a baby again they told him you try to act smart and brave but hear you are sobbing like a little baby.

They said get away and never come back ever again or we will actually leave you in our trap. He said I will never come back to devour you. Lion stayed home with his family and devoured other animals and they all lived happily in the forest.